It’s Not What, It’s Who

God cares more about who you pursue than what you pursue.

Grant me the grace to be blunt with a statement: God doesn’t care what you do. Well, yes He does and no He doesn’t. God loves you, has a calling on your life, and is sovereign. He doesn’t want you to sin and wants you to have a relationship with Him. Those are all good things, and we will get to them. But, on a micro level, and even a macro level, God doesn’t care what you do. . . sort of.

I was getting coffee with a pastor friend of mine talking through content for a Jr. High retreat I am speaking at, and the topic of calling came up – what calling is, what calling isn’t, and the fear and confusion that often surrounds it.

We are all created with different giftings and talents, but we all share the same calling.

Jesus gives us one calling, to go and make disciples1. Do you want to know what you should be doing with your life? Go and make disciples. I don’t know what that looks like for you, and I don’t think it matters what it looks like – as long as you do it.

God has given you gifts and he has given you permission to use them. He doesn’t care where you use them, all he cares is that you use them. Just like in the parable of the talents2, the master doesn’t care how that talents were used as long as they were multiplied. God doesn’t care how you use what you are given, as long as you use it.

The purpose of your calling isn’t personal growth, it’s kingdom growth.

God gives you talents and opportunities not for your own personal growth, status, or entertainment. God has gifted you to do one thing – reach people. The goal isn’t an income, promotion, or platform, the goal is one more person entering the Kingdom.

You can’t miss the mark.

As long as you are pursuing people, you are in the sovereign will of God. Pursuing people will have an endless amount of opportunities and open doors – missing an opportunity is not missing your calling. There isn’t one set path in life for you to follow. Stop worrying if you miss an opportunity that God doesn’t have a plan for you. He does have a plan, and its not a job, its pursuing people.

Pursuing people will require you to pause your plans.

Pursuing people is not convenient. Yes reach those that are in proximity to you, but just because someone isn’t in proximity doesn’t mean that you aren’t called to reach them as well. On His way to Jerusalem for the last time, knowing He will soon be executed, Jesus goes out of his way to heal a blind beggar3. It would have been easy for Jesus to focus in on the task at hand, the apex of human history is about to come crashing on His shoulders, yet he paused what He was doing to reach out to the one – even though it was anything but convenient.

So relax and take the pressure off  yourself – if you are pursuing people and using your talents faithfully, God will be faithful to guide you.


1 Matthew 28:19
2 Matthew 25:14-30
3 Luke 18:35-43